Public Demo Next Week!

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In just a couple of days we will publish the first public demo of Mechs V Kaijus in Yey!
After only 2 months of hard work, long nights of coding and drawing, we are publishing a public Demo with 3 stages for you boys and girls to try them out.


A tutorial, a stage “City Limits” and a Survival stage .

The screen city limits will be you will have to face a horde of Kaijus and protect the city. At the end of the 21 waves you will have to destroy Nematodah Rex Aka ” Og’nugall ” a Gigantic Kaiju with the ability to produce hordes of monsters in seconds!

In Survival stage you can test your tactical skills and withstand the greatest number of waves possible on an infinite scenario! Test your might!


See you on the battlefield commander!


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