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From the deeps of the earth, the giant Kaiju horde is marching toward Pokyo City and you are the last line of defense!

Take control of the powerful mech Odin and command the forces of humanity against the relentless waves of monsters on Mechs v Kaijus an action-packed tower defense.

Use a combination of strategy and the brute force of the mechs to survive. Upgrade your defenses, unlock new abilities, research new technologies and hire

mercenaries to help you fight.

Follow the story of the mysterious T.R.O.S. corporation and the defense of the city. From the outskirts to the very heart of Pokyo city, and get ready to enter the wastelands of the Kaijus on the survival mode.

Each level will present a new challenge to your strategy with a variety of gameplay objectives and diverse landscapes.

Use everything on your arsenal, adapt you strategy and you might survive the Kaiju invasion.



Key Features :

SHOOT: As Odin's pilot, you have the ability to directly attack the Kaijus by firing high-caliber bullets (mechanical "shoot them up").

TECHNOLOGICAL TREE: As a commander, choose the technological path that suits your style of play: economic power, better towers or fast super weapons?

DEPLOY DEFENSES: Enter the tactical mode and discover, on the battlefield, where you can locate the four types of towers. Do you need impenetrable walls or a field of towers? As a leader you must adapt your strategy to the terrain, to the types of enemies and to the chosen technological path. You must be prepared for everything and improve the towers at the highest level to keep the enemy at bay in a dynamic battlefield that requires a constant reorganization of your defense.

POWERS: Deploy squadrons of Thunderbird tanks and Sentinel drones to stop the advance of the Kaijus. Shoot from space a powerful beam that freezes enemies instantly and annihilate them with your powerful battery of missiles.

HARDCORE TOWER DEFENSE: The thousands of Kaijus do not follow lanes or roads. You will have to defend humanity from successive and unpredictable waves in the middle of a vertiginous rhythm that will not give you respite.



Platforms: PC, Mac, Lynux.


Target release Date:

First Quarter 2018 = PC

First Semester 2018 = Mac Lynux.



December 2017