Yes we know, it’s been a long time since the last update of our Development Journal. But here’s the reason: Mechs V Kaijus was nominated for best PC game for the National Video Game Competition of our country, Uruguay. In addition to participating, we were able to show a demo of the game in the event, which was held in December 2017.

We had excellent feedback from players and industry insiders and since then we have been working to improve the game based on the comments and ideas we received throughout the event.

Some mechanics and indicators like the health of the base did not look good in the battle frenzy, so we added graphic indicators and a warning sound when the HQ have no longer a shield.

We made more noticeable the construction of the nodes of the towers, a new image of the mouse pointer to improve visibility, etc … If you want to know all the improvements based on the feedback of the event, you will find them soon on our website!

Now … what really matters! The February 2 – 4 you will be able to download for free the PC Demo version of Mechs V Kaijus. You will find the link on our website: or directly in!


Thanks and … Game On!