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First of all, thanks to everyone for the patience, we haven’t wrote any gameDev Log in quite a while. That’s because we had a few intense days since the publication of the demo on Friday, February the 2nd.

Download here:

Many of you played it, we have already more than 600 downloads and thanks to gameplays and feedback, we discovered some annoying bugs.


The first day after release.

Only a day after the relsease of the demo, CoalFire made a gameplay of the premium 3 missions of the Demo. He had lots of fun, but he found several spelling mistakes, ups! As you know we are from Uruguay, and English is not our first language.

After watching CoalFire’s video we rush in solving this spelling mistakes.

We also decided to keep the green node selection indicator even if it was within the tower improvements menu. This clears out which tower is selected.

We also corrected the error where sometimes the tanks fled the battlefield. lol

The next day I saw a BIG problem!

The main problem was that if several stages were run in a row, the upgrades purchased were not discounted when you returned to the map room. This basically meant infinite free money every time they started a screen. This made me sweat a lot, and I spent almost a whole day solving it, getting several hours early, but it was essential to figure it out since the game was broken at this point.

It took work but we finally solved the problem, so there is no more money for free! hehe, sorry!

Day 4… The big update! 

Here, I arranged the behavior of the antiaircraft towers with the help of Marco Pi, my code sensei and friend. We fixed a bug consisting in if a flying enemy was closer to the AA tower and a flyer was a bit further away, but within the range of the AA, they did not fire at the flyer, since they keep the ground enemy as a target because they were closer.
This made placing antiaircraft towers in the first rows of battle quite inefficient, and consisted in a big problem for future levels in which there will be many enemies and flying bosses.
Luckily with a bit of code magic this problem was solved. Now the AA towers take their skip to the next enemy until they find a flyer. This led to a rebalancing of the AA rando that was too large.

It solved also a quite strange bug: if you never pressed the button of deploy defenses and lose, you did not see the Game Over menu and you had to close the game to continue.

Another problem appeared with the construction nodes that are discovered after a building is demolished at the Pokio Households level: the incoming animation remained in a loop and did not allow the improvement or selling of the purchased towers.

Unlocking levels. An other problem fixed. The Continue buttons of the WIN and LOSE menus shared the method of going to the main menu, even if this was the method for unlocking levels. Big mistake! Neglecting duplicating buttons by not making them from scratch…

Then, smaller things: adding the Quit Button requested by CoalFire, and making credits so everyone knew that the great music is from A Drop A Day, an awesome guy!

Also, throughout the day I rebalanced the Polio limits and Pokio Households levels.

Other smaller bugs were fixed and I don’t even remember them, hehehe. This week has been a roller coaster, but I am very happy with how the game is developing.

Hopefully from now on, the development journals will not be as spaced!

A big hug to all!

Nacho Mancebo, Doble Punch Games.

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